Modifying a Support Order

Once child support is established, it continues at the same rate until it is legally changed. A child support order is eligible for review every three (3) years, however a case can be reviewed for modification sooner if there is a substantial change in circumstance. Either party may request a review of their order and the support amount may increase or decrease depending on the facts presented at the time. We will gather visitation and financial information from both parties, such as pay stubs, tax return statements, child care verifications, and health insurance premiums. This information is entered into the California Guideline Child Support Calculator, which determines the monthly child support amount due.

If the parties agree to the new amount of child support without court appearances, we can prepare a stipulated agreement which is filed with the court. When parties do not agree, a request will be made to the court requesting a review of the order and served on the parties. The court then holds a hearing to set the terms of the new child support order, if a modification is appropriate. The hearing provides an opportunity to the parties to be present and heard in court.

To estimate your child support order, visit State of California child support Guideline Calculator.